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Domain Registration Included

Your choice of custom domain is included in the $20 USD price!


Simple FTP Content Management

Choose your user name and password to log in via FTP and start building.


Subdomains Available

Buy a 1ink.us subdomain and pay only one $20 lifetime fee.


100% Uptime

1ink.us is a shared host, so there is no downtime to worry about.


Unlimited Data

Grow your site with as much data storage and traffic as you need.


Web presence is important!



In a New York Times article, journalist Eilene Zimmerman notes that “creating your own website or displaying your work on a larger platform gives you some control over what is found.” In the article, Scott Belsky, the chief executive of Behance, which allows users to showcase creative work, says employers want to view more than just your credentials.

“They are also looking for that person’s process, how they do their work, who they collaborate with, how they test ideas,” Belsky told theTimes.


-- Huffington Post


"It should go without saying that to develop an online presence you have to be present on digital channels. However, a large number of small businesses still rely entirely on traditional means of marketing. These businesses lack a website, social media profiles, a mobile app and so on. A 2017 study shows that 29% of small businesses still operate without a website..."

-- Forbes

A domain name is ‘21st Century real estate’—the first step to building an online presence and the online address given to customers, friends and family.


-- Godaddy

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Domain Hosting

Get full control of your speedy, Apache hosted webspace, every bit as capable as major name providers such as Godaddy and Hostgator.

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Subdomain Hosting

Let 1ink.us partition off a segment of our site to host your project under our domain. You can then have yoursite.1ink.us served as professionally as 1ink.us for just $20.   

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SSL Security

SSL (HTTPS) security is available upon request.


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